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About Us

Companies ASERRADERO ESPINOZA S.A. and Cocama E.I.R.L. WOODS by Consortium dated July 3, 2006 Agreement, decided to work together in business activities deriving from their forest logging concessions , given the similarity in their social objects established in their respective articles of incorporation . Also, for all aspects of the consortium chose to identify with the name of GRUPO ESPINOZA ASERRADERO .

We have internal policies that clearly establish our activities especially the sustainable use of forest resources , achieving minimize negative environmental and social impacts , and promote local development , raising the quality and standard of living of the surrounding towns from the generation of jobs , hiring and procurement of goods and services.


We are a business consortium formed by forestry companies experience with social and environmental responsibilities dedicated to the handling , processing and marketing of forest products sustainably.


Being a consortium of renowned in the most competitive international markets by promoting sustainable and sound management of our forest products.

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